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January 10, 2006


jen maiser

Great link, thanks. I never would have found this if you hadn't of linked to it.

(Happy New Year!)

Walter Jeffries

The government is about to make it less affordable to eat organic. Or to eat meat or dairy at all for that matter. Or even to eat veggies raised with the manure from animals when you get right down to it.

Are you familiar with NAIS? You might think I'm paranoid or something but 'food security' is not a good enough explination for the National Animal Identification System the government and the big food industry players are forcing through. If all they wanted was 48 hour trace back they would not need to register every animal at small farms that sell direct to consumers and homesteads that only raise the meat for their own use.

NAIS is going to cost farmers money to implement. The government is not paying it. Even if they did we would ultimately pay in the form of taxes. Since it is going to cost the farmers more they'll have to pass on that cost to consumers resulting in higher food prices...or they can just go out of business and get consolidated with the big agri-biz corps. Either way consumers lose. Small farmers lose big. Food prices go up.

NAIS is not about food security. It is about big government control and giving the big players in the food industry even more profits and control over our food system. This will hurt the buy local movement, hurt consumers, hurt small farmers and cost consumers more money when they go to buy food.

I just wrote about this on my blog at:

Please get active and write your congressional critters while we still are able to protest this.

Sugar Mtn Farm
in Vermont



Thanks for this heads up--I'll get right on this. You know, I just came from a dinner where we discussed topics such as this and I found myself repeatedly saying: "I'm not one to believe in conspiracy theories but..."

Rev. Dr. Mom

Thanks for the link. I wonder where exactly they did their comparisons. My experience living in NYC for three years was that shopping at Whole Foods the price difference between organic and non-organic was not as great as what they cite. Whole Foods also offers a much wider selection of organic products. Unfortunately, Whole Foods isn't everywhere...


Rev. Dr. Mom,
I think you're right about the price difference for the organic and non-organic foods--when I went to the opening of the Whole Foods on Union Square last year I found that the their was a great difference between the organic sold in the store and the organic sold outside in the park. Just the same, I'd love to have a Whole Foods in Syracuse. BTW, congrats on your ordination!!!

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