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January 09, 2006



Can't wait till the potluck!


I love your blog--I've gotten a lot of good information and recipes.

I am a little disturbed by this post, however. I understand the thought behind it--Americans are so used to thinking of Chinese food as a fast food that they are unable to recognize it for the groundbreaking cuisine it truly is. Western, insular thinking.

I understand the importance of Chinese cuisine. Do I have to spend a majority of my household's weekly food budget to prove it? $50 for any meal, no matter the cuisine or skill it took to prepare, is something I am not in a position to do.


Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree with you--it is not necessary to spend $50 on a Chinese meal to prove its worth as haute cuisine--it is just notable that it rarely occurs to us to do so, so when a special occasion presents itself it isn't something to rule out.

$50 for any meal is a lot of money and I don't know too many folks who eat out at that price all the time. For that money though, I do expect a certain level of skill, presentation, quality of ingredients, and execution of the food that is worthy of the price tag. So every now and then we'll save up our money and splurge.

One of the things I hope to do with this blog is to present a range of options for enjoying food in the Syracuse area. There will be some for whom a $50 dinner is an easy night out. There will be some for whom the more expensive dinners at Mirbeau will be easy. For others, me included, the Co-op potlucks or $10 gourmet Slow Food dinner (like the one last summer) are more the way to go.

I hope that within the broad purpose of this blog (announcing $85 dollar dinners while talking about food justice) I'll be able to raise the issues your comment provoked--so please keep commenting. And if there are issues, events, or other topics you think might be good for coverage on this blog PLEASE let me know. Thanks, Phil.

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