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February 14, 2006



its just a shame they cut down all the trees behind Arad Evans and built those townhouse monstrosities.

What can you do.


I was very taken with the food at Kettle Lakes, but yeah, it was a haul. Funny thing is, I'd be more likely to drive the 50-60 minutes to Kettle Lakes than the 20 to Arad Evans. Why? Kettle Lakes was about the food. Arad Evans is about pretension.


Natalie, I didn't know about the trees--was that fairly recent?

David, I think Brian Shore's return to Arad Evans will try to change that--I would hope so, anyway. I've only been here just over a year and a half, but even before I got here, I knew of Brian Shore's rep. I couldn't say the same about Arad Evans. I guess we'll see how things change.

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