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June 07, 2006



Here we go again....! Syracuse's best food salesperson strikes again! Just when I thought I was catching up, you find someplace else that I "have" to try...!


I too am a fan of Lapsang Souchong (sometimes I even start my day with it) ;)


Reading your post makes me want to buy a car just so that I can drive up to Syracuse and go to tea with you. This sounds like a splendid tearoom -- and of course I already know that the company would be splendid, too.

(Incidentally, I am woefully overdue for telling you that I had a *great* time meeting you at the Hudson last weekend.)


How lovely! I didn't have any idea that Syracuse had such lovely things to offer. Once my girlfriend is posted back to Fort Drum nearby we'll be there, teacups in hand!


David, I'm so sorry--but you are really going to have to try this place!

Luisa--I'm right with you, I'll drink the Lapsang Souchong at just about any time of day.

Bakerina, It was great meeting you too! If you ever find yourself up this way, we'll definitely have to do tea.

DixieDay, There are great things happening here when you come up this way you'll want to check out Roji Teahouse too--another great tea spot.


Hi! I need some help! I am looking for a place to have a nice Mother's Day/Graduation Champagne Brunch. The drive doesn't matter too much, but it'd be nice if it wasn't too close to the SU campus, so as to avoid the traffic from graduation. Any ideas?

Jennifer BB

Hi Nicole,

It has taken awhile to get back to you and here's why--there aren't many options for Sunday brunch in our area--I mean, a nice Sunday brunch. Redfields at the Marx/Renaissance Hotel offers brunch but it may be too close to campus. My favorite place is Cafe L'Adour on Montgomery and Washington Streets, downtown--across the street from City Hall. I actually prefer their brunch to dinner. Aside from that, there wasn't much I could recommend.

I'd love to hear other recommendations too--so if any one else has one, please post a comment.


Sigh. I want to be you. One of my dreams is to write a food blog (in San Francisco), but I feel I'm too young and inexperienced to write anything useful to people!


Do you know of any places in Syracuse that give free birthday dinners or specials? Mine is tomorrow. :)


Hi Fawn, I'm sorry I missed your birthday--I've been too busy these past few days to even check in on my own blog. So belated happy birthday. Also, if you want to write a blog--write one! Don't worry about experience--do it for you and the rest will fall into place.

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