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January 15, 2007


Bulk Master Flex

I had the distinct pleasure to attend last nights opening with a number of my fellow cooperators (along with seemingly half the city of Syracuse) and I have to say they tore the roof off the sucka! Its a tough spot to find (in the basement under Chucks near Marshall St.), but if you look for the crowd of people going up and down the stairs you should find it. The menu was as interesting as hoped and the funk was movin the room.


That had to be awesome! I just recently made Chicken 'n Waffles for the kids and they loved them. We were inspired by one of our favorite books "Everything on a Waffle" by Polly Horvath.


sweet! i work over there and saw the sign a week ago. so THAT'S what it is!

i hope they have vegan options.

i hope they play gogo!!!

i like your blog, btw.



Marty, thanks for the report--I gotta get there!

Anne, I just may have to check out that waffle book.

Georgette, welcome and thanks for the great feedback! Their menu lists Aunt Miriam's Vegan Waffle so they've got something just for you.

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