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September 15, 2009



the mac and cheese looks like it turned out really nicely! let's go on another accidentally too long run again soon :)


I am delurking (finally!) to say that I virtually lived off a similar recipe as a kid. It's getting that time of year when I start craving it again -- it's probably because having the oven running to bake it is starting to sound cozy as opposed to sweltering. I posted my recipe here:

As an intermittent blogger myself, I see no harm in taking little breaks here and there when life becomes distracting. Us feed readers will be here whenever you feel like posting.

Jennifer BB

BerryBird--thanks for coming out and posting a comment! I love your blog and with the weather feeling so winter-like these days I may be trying out your mac and cheese recipe sooner than later.

Which means, Rachel, those long runs will have to get longer to compensate!

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