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February 27, 2010



I've been a long time lurker of your blog. Like a year, maybe two. I really enjoy it.

I had to comment on this post! I'm pretty rigid in menu planning, partly because of my work schedule and partly based on frugality needs. Planning dinners for the week can easily take me two hours or more after scouring ads, clipping coupons, checking cookbooks. I think I like your way better! That meal sounds delicious!

Jennifer Ward

This is a topic I think about often. I tend to "shop (and cook) off the cuff," which sometimes leaves me eating toast and canned sardines for dinner ... actually one of my favorites! I wish I were more deliberate about meal preparation, but I hardly ever cook from recipes, and the number of meals I've made multiple times are few. I tend to always be trying new things. I've heard that menu planning saves time and money. I guess it depends what stage of life you're at. Thanks for the musings!


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