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June 09, 2005



The hunterer-gatherer analogy is a good one ... I like it! My place of purhcase spectrum is about the same as yours. I pretty much go to a specific place for bread, a specific place for meat (if I don't purchase @ the Farmer's Market), the Farmer's Market, and then the coop for everything else.

I buy all my paper products, ziplocs, etc from conventional stores but I can't remember the last time I bought food from a traditional supermarket while I have been at home (away from home is at a different story sometimes)

By the way - let me know what you end up doing with the scapes. I bought some last week and ended up using them as a bed for roasted chicken. Pretty good, but probably not the best use.


Hi Jen,

Thanks for your comments! When I was in the Bay Area I shopped less at conventional supermarkets too--except when I had to get the requisite Fiddle Faddle for my husband (but today he admitted that he ate much more healthfully in Cali because it is easier.)

One of the things we're learning now that we are on the East Coast is that we will have to really practice freezing and canning to make our harvest last through the winter. That way we won't rely on shipped in vegetables for our food in the colder months. We are also buying a large freezer to keep the meats we buy at the markets.

I like your idea for the scapes and will give that a try. What I've done is just chopped them up and use them like regular garlic. So for Saturday's dinner, I simply added them to the sauteed kale and spinach--it was a nice subtle flavor. I know some folks who will take scapes along with garlic greens and make a fantastic pesto--I've not done it myself but the one's I've had were delicious.


Have you checked out Columbus Meats & Cheeses...right next to the bakery on Pearl Street? Great place!!!!!

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