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July 19, 2005



I love this sign ...


You're absolutely right about how little thought we give to the interrelatedness of our environment and ourselves. I guess that's one of the main reasons I like the coop. Besides it's a great place and this sign is one of a number of things that make the food coop a cool place to visit.

Joanne Grisanti

Thank you for appreciating our little store and, more importantly, our values.
Please be sure to tell us how we can best meet your food needs.

As they say, "Cooperate and no one gets hurt."
Hope to see you at the co-op!

Joanne Grisanti
General Manager
Syracuse Real Food Co-op


Gracie and Joanne,

You have to know that the co-op is an integral part of my community and my life here. In fact, when I interviewed for my current position in December of 2003, I made sure folks got me to the co-op to check things out. I love our place!

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