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July 09, 2005


Farm Groupie

You are so lucky to have a local dairy! We had a great one here called Shenville and we bought our milk from glass recyclable jars for a few years and then the place went out of business and had to be sold off. They tried to expand too fast.

I wish your dairy all the success in the world and hope that you are able to enjoy their products for years. It's so much fun to 'know the cows' and the farmers. I love the pictures. Thanks!


We are so lucky--this is really a bit of dairy country out here. And many of them are organic. Lots of sheepsmilk yogurt and cheese producers too. But we still have to work to get the word about them so people buy their products. I think they do okay though. After drinking their milk and eating their dairy products I couldn't touch anything from a conventional farm--though sometimes I have to.

Hope Galens

Some useful info...we are NYS licensed to sell raw milk from our farm in Clifton Springs, NY. 50 Holstein-mix cows, pasture-fed as much as possible, low somatic cell count, happy cows! Milk can only be sold from the farm.. 5$/gallon For more info, e-mail me at [email protected] or call 315-462-5178.


Yeah... I live out in the country, so I have a little knowledge about all the processing that goes into milk. When a kid transferred from the city to our school, they asked me if chocolate milk really came from brown cows.
I said no, but powdered milk comes from dry cows.


I am big on Mountain Rise granola. . . we eat the vegan version just because it tastes better . . . with flax seed, almonds, bananas and organic milk. Good to learn about local milk near here.

Mary Zydel

We love all your products,especially the yogurts and the butter.We went to the Pakatakan Farmer's Market today(Saturday, Nov.24,2007) to get some butter from Frank Brody, but he was sold out. We live in Saugerties and are wondering if it is available locally. Thank you, Mary


Our local Shurfine in Naples has been carrying Evan's milk and yogurt for some time now--something I have really been trying to support. Unfortunately, I was distressed today to see that a 1/2 gallon was going for $5.39. Happy Hens eggs are at $4.99 a dozen. We are a one-income family and these prices have been steadily becoming out of our budget ability. I did talk to the manager, and the price was lowered a little ($4.19 for a 1/2 gallon), but I just can't feed my family with such prices. I can't get out of the store with a dozen eggs and a 1/2 gallon of milk for less than $10. I try very hard to buy from and support local organic producers. I hope the increasing price trend goes down, although I do see that all prices for everything are going up. It seems to me, as economically green as I am, that if organic produce was priced lower than regular produce, many more people would flock to buy it, making up for the increased cost in production. The number of customers would offset the more stringent guidelines. As it is now, it seems that being organic is an excuse for doubling (if not more) prices and playing on the consumers sense of morality and guilt. This may not be true--I hope not anyway--but it is frustrating.


where can i buy evan farmhouse creamry products here in new jersey..i live in jersey city. thanks

Jennifer BB

Hi Erwin, I'm not sure where to buy Evans in NJ or if they are available there. I believe you can some of their products in Manhattan and Brooklyn--you might be able to get their butters and milk. I believe the Park Slope Co-op carries their products but you have to be a member there. I'd suggest calling the folks at Evans and see what they say. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.


Erwin, I can help you, I hope. Evans got me eating yogurt. I started drinking milk again. I started to thrive after my health issues from 9/11. It can be bought at the Farmer's Market at Union Sq on Mondays or Thompkins Square Park on Sundays in NYC from Norwich Meadows Farms, a neighbor of Dave & Sue.(
They also have wonderful organic food.
For some things like heavy cream that is like English double cream or sour milk etc. you need to order the week before. Ask what is in stock or not. I order my milk and lemon yogurt to make sure they don't run out early but butter, milk, cheese are usually available. Yikes, it's good!
And they have the best prices.


I found Evans Farmhouse milk at the Grand Central Market in Manhattan. When I looked up the farm, I was very impressed with how they treat their cows, but I'd like to know is what they do with the calves. Are the bulls sold at auction or raised with their mothers (milk fed) before taken to slaughter?

Jennifer BB

Hi Liv,

I can't answer your questions but you should feel free to give Evans a call and I'm sure Sue would be happy to answer them. I know their farm practices continue to be sustainable and humane but there are other realities of our farm/food system that I don't have much info about and this is one of them.

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