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July 22, 2005



OH that looks heavenly! We've had a rainy summer so our toms are a bit behind schedule.. can't wait to some pasta like that!


The tomato season is bit behind here too--I'm not sure why these Sungolds are ripening so quickly but I'm not complaining! The green zebras and peach tomatoes won't be ready for another week or two.

kurt schrader

there is absolutely nothing... nothing like eating tomatoes right out of the garden on a sunny day. we've had sweet million cherry tomatoes coming for a couple of weeks, tomato sandwiches and marinated tomatoes with basil and two days ago the first ripe lemon yellow tomato and they are all delicious.
your photo is fabulous. my wife was drooling from across the room. care to share the credit?
thanks for this essay and the reminder that simple cooking, especially at harvest, is always the best



Thanks so much for your comments--especially about some of the Pride of NY events--I'll try to make the one in November. Thanks, also for the nice words about this photo. I actually took this photo myself--minutes before devouring it. I'm an amateur when it comes to food photography but trying to learn every day.

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