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August 15, 2005


shuna fish lydon

Yes, it was sad for me to be on the east coast this past July because I was missing a lot of my favorite stonefruit in Ca. But as a new york city kid I remember some good peaches. There was a lone peach tree in the empty lot next to my grandfather's boatyard in Long Island and although the fruits were small they were tasty.

But I am confused about something. Why cook and peel fresh peaches that it took you so long to find?



I know it seems odd to cook so many--but I had about 4 1/2 pounds, way more than two of us could eat before they went bad. I really wanted to get some at the height of the season to preserve for the winter. After putting up three quarts and making the tarts we still had 9 peaches to just enjoy. We hope to share a half peck with some friends for the rest of the season now that we have a source.

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