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September 25, 2005


Donald I. Siegel

Loved your blog. You should add restaurant reviews-culinary gems as well. These places need to be supported too. My top 4 list:

China Road: World-recognized Chef Simon Teng remarkably in Mattydale. Was chef at the most famous upscale Chinese restaurants in Manhattan during the 1980's-early 1990's. Order from the Chinese menu and not the American-Chinese. $ to $$

Joelles: Well-known French chef formerly in New York City decides to open a country bistro away from the city in Marcellus. Just like provincial France. Great 3-course tasting menu on TH. $$$ to $$$$

Gentiles: Burnett Avenue next to a porn shop. Don't let the location deter you. Kevin Gentile when he is hot can cook like Charlie Trotter. Italian fusion. Kevin cooks hot during week days but not the weekends when he can be overwhelmed. $$ to $$$

Secret Garden: Erie Blvd. Country Korean. I'm told by folks who know Korean food that it's quite authentic. Spicy, lots of free appetizers as is the Korean way. This place seems to be actually a secret except to the Asian community and a few westerners. $-$$

Lesser but good:

Erawan Thai: Erie Blvd. Solid family Thai food served by a family. Very consistent $-$$

Italian: Believe it or not, I haven't found one that makes me sing. Many hearty family ones. But none that make me want to return over and over like the ones in my top 4.

Sushi: Bleu Monkey on Marshall Street. Family business and as tasty as I have had in NY or LA. Creative combinations $-$$

Clark's Ale House: Clinton Street. A world class roast beef sandwich in a roll. Rated one of the best bars in the United States $

Dinosaur BBQ: Nationally known. Very tasty if a bit overly fatty to my taste. Great blues club. A Syracuse icon by now. $

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