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September 15, 2005


travis hance

That's so funny, Jennifer! I've eaten at that restaraunt! I didn't know the history of the place, but I got a great vegetarian curry there two summers ago when I was at the Consumer Cooperative Management Association meeting. Great find. I will be seeing you at the slow food harvest dinner!


Travis, you are making me think we've got some cool food karma going on. It was a great restaurant--just fantastic food. I also discovered St. Martin's Table--I'll write about that soon. It's a wonderful veggie restaurant near U of M.


I ate at Sawatdee when in Minneapolis for the 2003 General Convention of the Episcopal Church. My boss, the Bishop, and his wife are Thai cuisine lovers and knew of the place. It was a great find for me. Here in South Georgia, I am fortunate to have a Thai restaurant that's within 40 miles of home. Not on parr with Sawatdee though. Traveling on business is grand.


Frank I, too, was at General Convention in 2003 and somehow never found this place. Yes, traveling on business can be grand. Now, if you're going to Columbus let me know, I'll be there too and if you have any inside scoop on where to eat do pass it on--I'll do likewise.

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