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October 09, 2005


jen maiser

Arroz con Pollo is such a variable dish. I have never found it made the same way twice. This recipe looks delicious -- though if I tried to tell my Mexican grandmother to make hers with saffron she would laugh me out of town.

Prety dang funny about your husband and the rice thing. Please tell me that you use a rice cooker. :-) I definitely think that the "fancy" one is worth it for those of us who make a lot of rice. I have probably used it at least 5 times a week since we've purchased it.

Walter Jeffries

Ah-ha! I have a rooster who just got naimed "Arroz con Pollo"! Now I know how I'll be serving him up. Thanks!


Jen: We definitely have a rice cooker--but your smallest, most basic version. I think an upgrade is certainly in order!

Walter: Glad to give you some inspiration for your rooster's ultimate vocation--P.S. love your blog!

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