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December 19, 2005



Thanks for giving us a shout. I was just reading your post about our hometown supermarkets (P&C, Price Chopper, Wegmans) yesterday!
I've been thinking a lot about the role of Wegmans in my own life in ways that are completely unrelated to food: a sense of place, a sense of home, a sense of community. I'm trying to compile an ode to Wegmans. Any thoughts?


Hey Natalie--thanks for stopping by! You may be able to tell my mixed feelings about Wegmans but the one thing I cannot deny is that it is a meeting place and community center for Dewitt and Syracuse. Indeed, when I did an internship at a local church nine years ago, Wegmans was a bit of a "second coffee hour" because folks would have lunch at the Market Cafe before going food shopping for the week. In addition, I've had many a meeting over lunch there.

The size and comprehensiveness of Wegmans does fill a void that has not or no longer exists in Dewitt--that of a town commons where you can run into people, have an impromptu cup of coffee and run errands all under shelter from the weather.

I look forward to reading your ode!

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