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January 07, 2006



Can you describe how the raw milk tasted/felt vs. the pasteurised milk you've had? I'm dying to know. We're lucky here when we can find unhomogenized milk...


Thanks for asking, Cate. The raw milk tasted like...milk. Like really good whole milk. It didn't taste real grassy the way milk from Straus Family Creamy in the Bay area can taste. But I did some more reading on the Real Milk website and after talking to the sisters, I'm going to go back to limited amounts of whole milk--in absence of finding more raw milk. Apparently, by the time skim milk is produced, alot of the good stuff is taken out of it (vitamins and minerals) save for trace amounts and whole and raw milk keeps it. I'll defintely get more of it when I can.

Holly McGuire

This sounds like a beautiful and spiritual way to start the year. You raise a . . . problem? issue? I don't know what to call it, but it is one of the driving forces in our lives - how to live sustainably, and in some sort of balance between self-sufficience and inter-dependence, but in a city, rather than a rural outpost. A big part of me would love to live in a setting like you describe, and having livestock and raising more of our own food would certainly be facilitated. But we also have come to believe that it is not practical for everyone who thinks as we do to go live in a rural place - or there will be no rural places. We need to find ways to live in and build community in urban spaces, and encourage zoning and neighborly embrace of urban farming, on the scale we can practice in our yards. Even better would be to pool the open spaces that our yards could create and thereby have room for larger animals like cows - for raw milk! - and goats and pigs. Though, on an encouraging note, we recently passed by a house in the Portland (OR) neighborhood of Irvington, which I always find a little snooty, and there was a big old house on the corner with a bunch of chickens, and, according to the posted signs, a pot-bellied pig.

Here's to a year with more peace, and more engagement.

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