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January 01, 2006



Just found your blog and really enjoy your posts. I read your post about scones and your mention of Friday afternoon teas at college--I have to guess that you went to Smith? Anyway, I did too--my first Friday tea was as a visiting prospective student and it was the clincher in my decision to attend.

Erin '01


Hi Erin! Thanks for stopping by. And yes, guilt as charged--I'm a Smithie, class of 1988. I love your blog too--can't wait to spend some time exploring--we have some cooking interests in common--like that salmon on wilted spinach--gotta check that out!


I just saw this site and want to know more about what is going on in Central NY. I just moved to Hamilton from Philadelphia but lived in NYC......I am wondering how I can find good ingredients here.


Hi Catherine, Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. You actually live in the hotbed of great food. Check out the links on the left side of this blog for some great food sources and be sure to check out the Hamilton Farmers' market in the spring. If you email the folks at Green Rabbit Farm--see the link--they can probably tell you about where to get great food until the market reopens.

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