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January 23, 2006



This looks MIGHTY tasty...

Sucks when ingredients like oxtail start going up in price.

I didn't know your husband was from the islands...I feel in love with the food long ago!


Thanks, Lenn. I'll take wine suggestions you might have for Caribbean food anyday!


I adore oxtails too. Could be a strange coincidence that my father lived in the Bahamas for a decade but actually I loved this even before he did! LOL. Will try your recipe one day. Thanks!


hey, could you say where you got your oxtails from in syracuse?!


Hi Meg--sorry for the delayed response. I usually get oxtails at Wendy Gornick's stand at Regional Market in the A shed. Cayuga Fields sometimes has them in E shed. You can get them at Wegmans too but they tend to be fatty and not as good as the ones at the market. Good luck!

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