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January 15, 2006



"bacoterian" I love that!


if it wasn't for the raisins, I'd predict you have genius on your hands. But I could always leave them out, couldn't I?

Travis hance

Bacon cookies?????

>runs to kitchen<

Holly McGuire

These I have to try. We are addicted to Rishi's White tea blend, Rose Melange - it's a wonderful, minty tea, perfect for perking up in the afternoon.


I am going to try these with rice flour and amaranth flakes! If they come anywhere near that picture above I'm sure they will be divine! They sound so tasty I'll have to bring them into work!

Yay Bacon!

don't eat alone


I have to prepare a breakfast for a church and ministry workshop next week. These will be perfect.



Sam, you could most definitely leave out the raisins--let me know how it works if you try it.

Travis, maybe we should bring some to the Co-op pot luck next week.

Holly, thanks so much for stopping by! I'll have to check out that Rose Melange tea, sounds wonderful.

Sasha, the original recipe called for corn flakes, I think it is made for substitutions--let me know how they come out--I love your blog, by the way.

Milton, it's really fun to put a plate of these down and watch the faces of the unsuspecting--I hope they like them as much as we do.

Davy R

Cookies and bacon do not belong together, it is an unholy combination.


I made these tonight... they're interesting. Very crisp, not as sweet as I thought they might be. My office is going to flip out tomorrow morning when I bring them in. :-)

P.S. This post didn't mention baking temp. Try 350.

don't eat alone

I made these for our church and ministry deal; people loved them. I left out the raisins and substituted some shredded cheddar-jack cheese. I also think I will make them as bars next time. Great stuff! Thanks.



Josh, I'm glad they came out okay--and thanks for the catch on the temp--I'll add that to the post.

Milton, wow, cheese--now that's creative. They'll probably make great bars too--thanks for letting me know how they turned out.


Thank you! These are great. Here's proof:


oh yay a heart attack in a cookie. sounds ummy


We live in the best country in the world. Who else would have BACON COOKIES FOR BREAKFAST!!!! EVEN BETTER THAN PIZZA!!!!!
Thank you for posting this recipe.

Anne Myers

Omg, what a fab idea. Bacon and raisins in a cookie for breakfast. I am SO into this.



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