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January 15, 2006



Thanks for the review--I'm a big Batali fan (from a visit to Babbbo) and I'm glad to hear he's hawking a decent product :)

don't eat alone


I found your blog through the comment you left on mine. Great to find a fellow food lover.


Kathy Gaither

Good Morning

LOVE, Love Mario's Pasta Sauce,Trader Joe's
in my area no longer sells. Where can I
purchase in Chicago (Northside and North


Kathy Gaither


Hi Kathy, I don't really know about the Chicago area but I found Mario's sauce in a Whole Food Market in New Jersey. I'd give them a shot in your area.


I LOVE that consilvio's sauce. I've been recently obsessed with trying to find it outside of the southern tier (as I know longer live in the area). Do you know how wide their distribution is and/or a way I can find that out?


Hi Mike,

You know, the only place I've seen Consilvio's sauces outside of Central New York in in Wegman's stores--say in New Jersey. I'll see if I can find out more about their distribution. Thanks for stopping by!


hi, iam also looking for help on marios jar sauce the best ever. from ct found in trader joes only once say will are no longer carrying it but will have another with another name. maybe was it sold to trader joes and they are using another name manager would not say. anyway, it there a place i can order it, or does anyone know if any stores in ct that i can find it. thanks for your help

Larry Scarano

I use to get Mario's sauce at Trader Joe's all over Los Angeles. They stopped carrying it and I have been searching ever since. Can you buy it on line ?

Jennifer BB

You know Larry, I haven't seen it at Whole Food Market either--that's where I would buy half a dozen jars at a time. I think it is no longer being produced. Too bad, it was delicious sauce.

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