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April 16, 2006



Hola Jennifer! Greetings from Panama---Melissa


Melissa!!! Wow, I can't believe you read my blog! I'm such a fan of yours--thanks for posting a comment and saying hi!


I'll keep reading. You don't scare me!

: D


Of course I read your blog :)


always nice to get a glimpse of the person behind the blog ;o) happy easter!

Jennifer Walters

Yea! It's great to see you "at work!" I love your blog.


I was thinking about not reading your blog anymore, but it had nothing to do with who you are and what you do - it had to do with the fact that you're costing me money! (Pascale's, the Co-Op, Heamour Farms and we were going to go to Circa, but the phone number doesn't work....)

You keep writin', we'll keep reading!

jen maiser



P.S. I forgot to tell you, I'm technically an Episcopalian. We always heard "Catholics that don't know Latin," but I think there is a wider gulf than that.

And not to impugn anyone with this admission, the first time I ever got high in my life was with my Episcopalian priest's wife. But they got divorced and she married the pot dealer.

You better laugh. This was thirty-some years ago!

Anyway, keep up the amazing and good work. You, and your blog inspire me in so many ways. (I love the collar and the apron. Heh.)

: D


You're a priest AND a woman? That's it...I'm never reading this blog again ;)

To what degree we remain anonymous is something that we all, as bloggers, deal with at some point. Welcome to the front of your blog...great to put a picture with the writing.

And I was obviously joking...yours is one of my favorite NY food blogs!



It has taken me a few days to catch up with past posts, but I am glad to see you!! I do not live anywhere near Syracuse, and in fact have never been there. I read you because I like the way you writenad what you write about. And knowing more about you will not stop me from reading you.

Diane from Nantucket


Wow! Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments. And thanks for the humor--Lenn and Tana you had me rolling! I really appreciate it.

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