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May 06, 2006



It's cool that you got to meet John Harney. He's an alum of the Hotel School and comes back every year for HEC. You should try the pomegranate oolong--it's divine!


This is where we buy our favorite tea! We don't drink any coffee at all, and our house tea is Harney's Palm Court blend. I get 2 pounds every other month or so. We LOVE Harney's tea and can't find any other we like as much (although we do have a fondness for dalliances with the jasmine and lapsang from Ten Ren tea in NYC).


What a wonderful post. I love tea so much: I've been a tea drinker since I was seven years old. It's one of the exemptions I'm claiming for my own Eat Local Challenge.


Jen, thanks for the tip about John Harney being a Cornellian--I'll mention that connection when I drop him a line.

Cate, I was intrigued by the Palm Court blend--I'll definitely give it a taste when I get there next time around.

Tana, I'm right with you If I could't exempt tea from the Eat Local Challenge I don't think I could make it!


I just discovered Harney's tea at Barnes and Noble the other day--I got a tin of their Bombay green tea blend. I loved reading this post. It's so much fun to learn about interesting companies--especially when they seem as great as this one.


i am a Harney's fan too, and have ordered from them often. I enjoyed visiting in person vicariously.

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