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August 15, 2006



So THAT'S what we've been doing wrong - we forgot to back over our tomato plants! (This will be included in next year's garden plans).

I'm up to my ears in fresh salsa - and lovin' it!


Heirlooms are the best - everything is our garden is an heirloom variety: peas, fillet beans, squashes, melons, cucumbers, zucchinis, and tomatoes...

...'tho I have to admit that as to heirloom tomatoes, San Marzanos are the best: a nice, meaty tomato with few seeds that not only tastes wonderful fresh from the garden but makes a terrific canning and salsa tomato.


Thank goodness your tomatoes made it! They seem to have flourished; maybe your hubby should run over them every year?

Grilled cheese (any cheese - soy, veggie, or milk) with tomato is one of my all time favorite foods, you just can't beat it :) Thanks for sharing this delicious photograph (which has also inspired me to take a close-up of the heirlooms we picked up from our CSA).

:) Mikaela

Lenn about a little more advance notice on this tomato dinner next year!?!?

I'm going to be west of Albany tonight through Tuesday and for a menu like this, I would have EASILY driven the two hours or so to the 'Cuse.

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I grew Nebraska wedding tomatoes 3 years ago and this is a beautiful tomato on the vine. I canned them, and their size was perfect for quart jars. They were delicious all winter long.

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