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August 19, 2006


Stefanie Noble

Great post! It will be good to get back up there and do some real exploring. I'm going to be living less than a mile from Lombardi's... wee! cheese! My parents used to live near there and my mom still uses the pasta dish she bought (and they still have them all up at the front).


I checked out the market again yesterday for my second time but this time armed with recommended vendors. I was able to find the three discussed above and came away with some very lovely produce.

It felt like a much better experience because I was sure this time that the food I purchased was local and did not leave questioning what I got.

Next time I will have to check out Wendy Gornick's place as well, that sounds like great stuff. Thank you for all the information, it was a great help!

k barry

Thanks for the mention Jennifer. And for looking at the market and thinking about how to address certain issues.
I am a market supporter- it is easier to go to Ithaca but with a number of organic farmers working hard to be here, we made a house descion to support them.
Get over to Stones throw Farm nextime. Last shed, end toward train station. They also do Toad hollow compost. Amazing tomtatoes, chiogga beets, yellow carrots,and other delights.


Wow - how great of you to post this. Makes me wish I lived closer to Syracuse :)


Thanks to all for the tips and suggestions. I'm a newbie to Syracuse. I went to the Saturday CNY market again last week (the rainy Saturday) and on Tuesday went to the Downtown Market. I found the Downtown Syracuse Market much more do-able (less vendors/less crowd-chaos). I wish I could remember her name, but there was one great organic vendor there. I bought corn from her, beans, tomatoes and squash. I will continue to explore all that Syracuse has to offer. I don't mind hitting the CNY Market for just a few local, organic folks as long as I can find them. My biggest problem is the crowds. It's really too insane with all the baby strollers and people there just for the "food court" vendors.

One thing I didn't see mentioned by anyone else. The Martin's Pretzel stand is excellent. Their $3.50 bags of broken pretzels are one of the great finds at the market. They may not be local or organic, but the pretzels are made I believe in Pa. and from all natural ingredients. And they are delicious.

Oh, and I LOVE the Syracuse Food Co-op. What a gem in this town!

I'm planning a Labor Day weekend trip to Ithaca to check out their market. I was happy to have found that suggestion here!

Thanks again for this great blog. I look forward to more posts!


Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. I'll definitely check out Stones Throw Farm--their Toad Hollow compost is all over my garden.

If any of you ever have recommendations of places to check out at the Regional Market or elsewhere in the area--do pass along!


Hey Jennifer...Loving the Blog. Been lurking on and off for years. Great content. Fun Links. Great pics.

Especially appreciate the "Farmer Mug Shots" in this last post....although I'm feeling a little slighted that you didn't stop by our booth.(Stones Throw Farm - Toad Hollow Farms) We're all pretty good looking?! I usually even shower before the market and put on a clean shirt. My wife(Megan) and our good friend and neighbor(Kaitlin) are probably an even better bet for a "cute" pic. I'll hide. I promise ;)

Seriously though...

Thanks to everyone that comes out to the market. Thanks to Jennifer for spreading the good word. We recognize its an intentional choice to shop locally in this day and age and we greatly appreciate you all making that choice. As Kathy and Brian's morning ritual attests to it can be not only DELICIOUS but a lot of fun!

Thanks again. Look forward to seeing you all...

Stones Throw Farm



Thanks for posting a comment. Now that I know where you are located (in the last shed closest to the train station) I'll be sure to visit--camera and basket in hand!

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