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September 21, 2006


Jill Hurst-Wahl

Thanks for the pointer to the post from Chez Pim. It is amazing how we can over panic. And amazing how the news media can mix words and get things wrong.

BTW looked for you at the Westcott St. Fair on Sunday. Now that I know you from this blog, I'm looking forward to meeting you someday face-to-face.


This whole thing is fear-mongering at its worst. The FDA and the County Health Department has no right to tell me I can't eat the food I grow in my garden. At issue here is not properly grown produce, but this country's industrialized agriculture. Last time I checked, E.coli came from cow's intestines... which says to me that the bagged spinach in question was "fertilized" with improperly dried manure. Since I don't use any form of "fertilizer," it isn't likely my garden is going to harm me. I guess it's too much to ask reporters to actually do investigative research before they write or say anything.


What utter idiocy.

My partner and I refer to the PS as the Post-SubStandard. That article is an excellent example of why it has earned that title.

I also looked for you at the Westcott Fair!


I actually rec'd email from the FDA saying not to eat any spinach (including what's grown in my garden). What next? Air pollution kills 3 in Arkansas and the FDA will tell the entire country to stop breathing?


Joel Salatin was a guest on On Point yesterday:

as usual, he made some great points about the ridiculous-ness of telling people not to trust their local farmers.
Marion Nestle was also a guest, as was some agri-business dude who was completly out-gunned by the good guys :)


Jill, you're right--the panic is not helpful. I was only at the Westcott Fair for a little bit--I'm sorry we didn't meet.

Denise, I afraid that real investigative reporting is a rarity these days but given the impact of this scare on our health and economy, you'd think it the press would take the time and money to dig a little deeper.

Art-Sweet, I'm so sorry I missed you at the Westcott Fair too--sounds like we ought to have another blogger gathering so we can all meet up.

Jack, did the FDA give any reasons for you not to eat the spinach in your garden? I'm hoping that your email had more detail that what actually got reported.

Charlotte--thanks for this link!

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