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September 26, 2006


Stefanie Noble

Yay! I just love Lombardi's and especially the fact that I can walk there easily from my apartment. I love wandering up and down the aisles there and I know they will always have the kind of pasta I want and the perfect wedge of pecorino or buffalo mozzarella to go with it.

You do the best profiles of local places, letting us know the people behind the scenes well.


Lombardi's is AWESOME! We've been going there for years now, for the cheeses, prosciuto, pancetta... Vince stocks a yellow-fin tuna packed in olive oil that will make you forever wonder how you ever ate Starkist... when you go back, don't forget to pick up some of their canoli!


My mother's parents were right off the boat from Italy and I grew up in a largely Sicilian town, so it's only natural that I already knew about this place! (Didn't realize I was holding out on you - sorry!)

If you need an excuse to shop at Lombardi's, check out "A Taste of Southern Italy" by Marlena De Blasi. I just picked this up over the weekend and am already in love with the four or five things I've made from it! Simple recipes with readily available ingredients. "Cucina povera" indeed.....

(I was cooking from this book the other weekend and listening to Irish music and I realized that covers my ancestry - now if I could just reconcile my fondness for Belgian beers....)

Rosina Lombardi

I was very very happy to find this article... Although Vince has moved on to other ventures... My father, Dominick, and uncle, John, as well as my siblings and cousins will continue to bring you the finest Italian imports at our location on the corner of Butternut and Lodi Streets... As we are family owned and operated, we appreciate all the support we get from long standing customers... and if you haven't been in before, we look forward to showing you around...


This sounds fantastic! I'm a former San Franciscan, current Brooklynite, who might be moving up to the Watertown area for a few months this winter (I know! Am I crazy? Ah, what we do for love), and it's good to know that some great food-shopping options are in the area. Keep up the great cooking and writing!

Matt Dellinger

Just wanted everyone to know that Vince Lombardi is opening a store in North Syracuse, saw the sign the other day - said opening soon call 452-1000 for details, anyone else hear about this?

Mary Delfini

I also saw that Vince is going to be in North Syracuse. I am awaiting the opening. He has always been so helpful and lets be honest, no one knows more about good food then him!!!

Dave Colangelo

As a long time customer of Lombardi's I am so excited that there will be another in North Syracuse! Growing up on the north side i am so dissapointed that the city is not doing more to perserve it. I live in Cicero and just hope that the new place lives up to the old one. Have driven by the new place, it is BEAUTIFUL! Does anyone know whats going on, there are a lot of rumors out there. Is this going to be a Lombardis or is one of the brothers opening a seperate store???? Either way it will be closer to my house.


Saw all these posts and now i know, heres the scoop -
Stopped in Lombardis and asked for Vince and was told he was on vacation. Then asked if the store in North Syracuse was related to them - was told "Dont know who they are - they are not related"
So to my suprise while driving up rt11 today i saw an open sign on "Vince's Gourmet Imports" I pulled in and was greated by a familiar face - Vince Lombardi. Vince decided to open his own store?? Whatever is going on, doesnt matter to me all i can tell you all is that you MUST check out the new Vince's store - it is AMAZING!!!!

Pearl Hayeslip

Lombardi's was great but since Vince left it doesn't it's not the same. I now go to Vince's Italian store on main st. It's like a close family so friendly and
helpful. Vinny has great sandwiches, baskets, other great foods etc.

Kathy Cupello

Vince's Gourmet isn't even in the same league as Lombardi's Imports... There is absolutely no selection relative to the real deal on the north side... Plus the old world feel is completely lost... I don't care how close it is to my house, Vince's pales in comparison... Any true Italian would know this... Come on...

Joanne Pratt Bode

I'm stuck out here in the "little house on the prairie" - the flatlands of the midwest and boy, I sure do miss Lombardis. Whenever I get home to Syracuse, a stop in Lombardis is a must. It lifts my spirits and brings back wonderful memories. Please don't change a thing. We love you and all you do.

Jo Bo

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