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September 19, 2006



I finally, FINALLY made it to the Regional Market this past Saturday (we've only lived here since the spring, and this summer was just too busy to make it there). I was surprised by the lack of organics and the overload of other "stuff" (I'm used to the Ithaca market, and before that, the Madison Wisconsin farmers markets) I did find some *awesome* squeaky cheese curds, reminiscent of Wisconsin, and I purchased leeks from Stones Throw (which were made into potato leek soup the very next day). And swiss chard from another organic stand (I don't remember the name)
The most surprising thing at the regional market? Someone selling factory bagged lettuce!


Hi Carla, and welcome! Yeah, the Regional Market is different--but as I've discovered, you've got to knw where to go. Check out my post on the CNY Regional Market--making it work. You can find it by using the search engine in the upper right side of the blog. Meanwhile, know that there are a number of folks who hope to bring a smaller, organic market to the University area one day. Until then, there are some great folks at the Regional Market--Stones Throw among them.

Brian Luton

Jennifer thanks for the kind words. We're so glad that you made it down to the market to see us and the pics are great!

I did want to clarify on one account....

Unfortunatly Megan and I cannot "take credit" for Kaitlyn. She is the "product" of Bill and Kristine Guptill.(our good freinds and neighbors - Toad Hollow Farms compost producers - etc.) She is a great help at the market, fits Saturday mornings into being an honor roll student, an athelete, Embassador to the State Dairy Princess, neighborhood baby sitter, and caring older sister to Hannah and Chase Guptill.

We look forward to Kaitlyn continuing to become involved in Stones Throw Farm and the Guptill Family Farm in the years to come.

My best,
Brian Luton


Oh Brian and Kaitlyn--I'm so sorry! I even ended up spelling Kaitlyn's name wrong--I'll do a correction to the post. She and Megan seemed to work so well together and they are both so stunning I just assumed! Sorry!

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