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October 10, 2006



can't you make zucchini bread with it? Seems a shame to waste such a beautiful squash, after all its effort to grow and all.


I am as guilty - if not more! - as you of garden neglect... the lettuce bolted before I ventured out to see how it was doing... the broccoli got put in late and then bolted before I could cut it... the peas weren't fit to eat because they were picked so late... the onions got lost in a sea of weeds... we tended, picked and canned the tomatoes, but the cool weather and late rain rotted them from the inside, so we gave up... the pole beans got a couple of pickings... and yeah, we know all about how big zucchini can get, and how worthless they are at that size...


I see you have the Shun Santuku. Aren't the great knives?


Diane, yeah, I'm going to see if I can make some zucchini bread out of it--you're right. It would be a shame to waste it all.

Denise, I'm sorry to hear about the rough gardening this year. The good news is, we get to start all over.

DivineMsN, I LOVE these knives. They were a going away present from the church I served in San Francisco--incredibly generous. I am truly spoiled for life!

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