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November 17, 2006


Stef Noble

Oh my... those bulk bean bins are killing me. I do love a bean. Maybe I'll drag my mom there tomorrow to check it out...


So much olive oil, so little time.

Stefanie Noble

We made it up there today and are now loaded down with nougat candy and anchovies (for my cousins for Thanksgiving) and I was very happy to find the giant cannellini beans I've been searching for. We also had to buy this stuff ( because my mom remembered my grandmother having it in the house and my mom would sneak one out and nibble on it, which is understandable as it tastes like bubbly lemon candy.


I dunno - the checkout looks a little too "professional": Yesterday, we were at the Butternut street store, and Vince came from behind the deli counter to run the register. Obviously running the register was not his long suit and he explained that the usual checkout girl was "at a baby shower..." We waited patiently and laughed with him and the other customers while he figured it out why the register came up with "$70" for $30 worth of items!

Rather than being an annoyance, it was part of the charm!


It looks like fabulous fun! Maybe a trip to this store will help me to miss my Sicilian family a little less this Thanksgiving.

Hmmm, I hope the new store smells like cheese and olives too.

Sam Mondello

I just wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming support!!

As far as the questions we have been getting, just wanted to let everyone know that Ownwers Vince Lombardi and myself will be specializing in Fresh home made pasta, a full deli including specialty meats and cheeses along with a large selection of gourmet foods.

Don’t forget this holiday season, as we now taking orders for gourmet specialty baskets, fruit baskets, meat and cheese trays.

We also have gift cards at any demonation for that special someone!

Our website will be up and running after the first of the year, and yes you will be able to order online.

You will also be hearing us on the radio on a variety of stations! When you stop in please let us know which one you heard us on.

If You have any questions please call the store or you can email me, Thanks again!!

Vince Lombardi and Sam Mondello
Vince's Gourmet Imports
440 S Main St
N Syracuse, NY 13212

Phone 315-452-1000

Carey Letts

I stopped by the store today and thought it has lots of potential. The gentleman at the meat counter was very nice and helped me with my selections.

Working in North Syracuse I find it quite wonderful that such a store has opened in that neighbourhood - why not have two locations serving two different areas? Not against the law for Syracuse to grow.

I was wondering if the new store might go to carrying fresh breads as well? That is definitely something I'd like to see there and am also looking forward to fresh pasta selections. Great job!

Sam Mondello

Once again, I just wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming support!!

Yes we will be carrying fresh bread! Stop in and ask, its behind the deli!

If ANYONE has any questions please contact me for any help that we can provide you, Vince Lombardi. We are here to serve you!

Thanks again for ALL of your support!!

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