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February 24, 2007



Why don't you open these places yourself?


Great wish list. The only local bread I've found that's yummy is Pasta's Daily bread
but it's only one kind, so if you're in the mood for whole grain or pumpernickel, you're out of luck. The cheese shop and Farmer's Market near Westcott are great ideas. The only problem I see as a newbie and transient Syracuse citizen (grad student) is that most people live in the 'burbs around here and don't like driving into the city on the weekends. I'm not sure if there's enough of a population in town to sustain all of these shops. I don't see the huge influx of urban people into Syracuse like I see in other cities. It's unfortunate, but that seems to be the case. At least from my limited perspective.


Keith, let me tell you, if I could find an investor I'd be all over the wine tasting room idea or the bakery.

Phillip, I think you're right about the downtown density issue but I think it is changing. I want to believe that the right kind of place will draw folks in, though. With downtown at zero residential vacancy I think the possibilities for a successful place are great.


Maybe Dustin Cutler, who opened a great bakery here in Geneva a while back -- and is interviewed on my blog -- could expandto an artisanal bakery in Syracuse? He's normal bread in Geneva.

Wayne Chase

That would be great if Dustin opened a bakery in Syracuse. We went to business school together at SU and I would gladly help him out with a business plan and some financing. (Maybe I could get a lifetime supply of fresh bread in exchange.)

I don't think a farmer's market in the Wescott area is necessary when we have a great farmer's market at the transportation station (bus/train) near Carousel Mall. I've lived in a bunch of cities in NY and CT and Syracuse's farmers market beats them hands down. My friends from new england were jealous of it when I treated them to a tour of the market and some Loatian take-out (mmm....pad thai) with fresh donuts for dessert.

Jennifer BB

Hi Bilbiochef and Wayne--I gotta find out more about this Dustin's--sounds wonderful. And Wayne, the desire for a market at Westcott is more about trying to get a dedicated organic market closer to campus--but you're right, the Regional Market has its charms and I can't wait to get there tomorrow (couldn't always say that but it's true). Thanks for posting Wayne, do come back often.

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