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February 27, 2007


Stefanie Noble

Wow... that is really neat to learn. If just a few people made the decision to take a chance up here, I think a lot could happen.

Jill Hurst-Wahl

BTW the owner of Anthony Road winery drives to NYC nearly every weekend for the Union Square farmers market. (I am assuming that he still does it.) He goes to Albany on Friday to make deliveries, then to NYC to sell wine in the market on Saturday. I've seen him there (when I've visited NYC and the market). Evidently the trip is think time for him as well as helping to spread the message of wines from the Finger Lakes. I'm sure, too, that gets a lot of energy from the market.

I wish there were more farmers markets in Syracuse. I know you want one in the Westcott area. How about in other areas, too? Maybe a weekly farmers market in a store parking lot. There is a Mennonite grocery store outside of Seneca Falls that has a farmers market in its parking lot in the summer. (BTW this is a neat Mennonite store with something you can't find elsewhere like Lebanon balogna!)


Thanks for sharing this delightful bit of local trivia. I agree with your frustration about the slowness of CNY to embrace and celebrate its local bounty, espcially in terms of restaurants not only using, but making a dedicated committment local foods. Yet I remain hopeful that there is a movement building, with much help from you and other dedicated local foodies, to show and share this potential. I have long had the notion that the movement needs to start with us - people committed to this city and region - and would like to issue an invitation to anyone interested in local foods to start a foodie group/cooking group, something, anything, to help spread the word!


That is such a cool connection. I used to live in NYC and shop at the Union Square market every week. Now I live in Syracuse- and miss the downtown farmer's market during the Winter!

By the way, my husband and I have been reading your blog for a long time, but this is my first comment- nice to "meet" you!


Stefanie, you're right--we just need folks who are in a position to make these things happen.

Jill, I'm with you. I've seen Anthony Road down at Union Square. Like you, I think we could be more like Portland, OR or NYC in having neighborhood markets across the city a few days a week. Westcott, Strathmore, etc. I'll have to check out that Mennonite farmers market next time I go through Seneca Falls on the way to wine country.

Heather, I recall getting an email about a year ago from someone wanting to start a supper club--was that you? I'll email you off-line becasuse you're right, we should just go for it.

Bazu, Thanks for posting a comment--it's nice to "meet" you too. I also checked out your blog--very cool. I'll add you to my links.

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