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March 09, 2007


Ed Bruske

You have a the nose for inherently good food, without the frills and affectations. And you tell it with such unpretentious, honest-to-goodness style. That's why I keep coming back to your blog.


All I can say is YUMMMMM. I've not been to Memphis in over a decade, and I know exactly how your meal tasted.

I never liked their slaw either. I remember it being too vinegary and sort of rubbery or tough. But the ribs--a very different story.

Like I said in my other post, Neeley's is the place to beat for pulled pork, or at least it was. They are related to the folk at Interstate Bar B Q, FYI. The Barbecue Shop in Midtown used to be a good place.

Corky's is a chain now, but it was never my fave even back in the day--too sweet.

Where's my plane ticket! I need to fly south immediately!

Jill Hurst-Wahl

Ah...the Rendevous! What a GREAT place! Last time I was there, we bought their seasonings. (Hope you did too.) Excellent!

Years ago, I went to the Cozy Corner in Memphis for their BBQ. They had been written up in Gourmet magazine and I think I had also seen them on TV. Go to for info. There is also a place on Beal Street (on a corner) that is known for its ribs. Bobby Flay profiled it once.

Speaking of the Dinosaur, have you had their chop salad with brisket on top? Awesome!


I remember Cozy Corner more for wings than for ribs, but as I've said it has been a long time and I'd love the opportunity to be proven wrong!

BBQ Shop is a bit more midwestern in its' taste (the sort of vinegary-mustard taste) if I remember correctly. Still, very good.

Also, I misspelled the name of the place with the best pulled pork on earth: it is Neely's. The shop on Jefferson (downtown, near the medical center) has great pictures of the history of the shop and family, if they are still up. They have expanded, and have a couple of places in Memphis and maybe Nashville, but I hope that doesn't relinquish them into the category of 'chain'. I went there when they had a tiny little linoleum floored store and it was great.

I've been hungry all day, thinking of barbecue in Memphis--and it's almost May!


So I'm planning meals for the week and making my grocery list. I think to myself "Ribs sound good"... then I think "Naw, I've been eating them a lot lately - probably ought to go for something healthier".... Then I read this... [sarcasm]Thank you very much for derailing my efforts to eat better[/sarcasm]


Ed, thanks for the great feedback. I'm loving your blog, BTW, I've got to link you up soon.

Anisa, when I get back to Memphis next February, I'll see if I can check out those other places. I love pulled pork 'cue!

Jill, because of my foot I couldn't join my colleagues as they strolled Beal Street-next time. But I haven't had Dinosaur's bbq with slaw on top--sounds great.

David, now after all this time you should not worry about telling me when you're being sarcastic! All the same, sorry to have messed up your eating habits ;-) And just so you know your effect on me, I'm purposely holding off on wine reviews until I can do one on beer first--I gotta limp on over to the beer aisle soon!


I just want to say that I've been craving barbecue ever since this conversation started, thank you very much--and not just any barbecue. Road trip, anyone?

Rina Telonis

I stumbled onto your website via the cupcake bakeshop. I have lived in the 'Cuse all my life, until moving to Baltimore for school three years ago. More to the point, I noticed you had a post about the Rendezvous...I was just there, under a month ago, and apart from seeing the ducks march at the Hermitage, eating their ribs was the highlight of the trip. Mmmm!!


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