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March 08, 2007


Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I've been to Dinosaur in Harlem but not the original in Syracuse, so I have no point of comparison. That said, as a Texan I think I know a thing or two about bbq and I found it fine. Not the best (my favorite in NYC is RUB), but definitely enjoyable and better than most. Plus it's a fun atmosphere and their sides are excellent which is unusual for most bbq places.

Laura Rebecca

Shane & I had our rehearsal dinner catered by the Rochester Dinosaur BBQ (it wound up being the celebration before the celebration...). My cousin, who attended the party and lives in NYC, said our catered Dinosaur BBQ was better than the NYC location's BBQ.

Having said that, I haven't personally tried the Dinosaur BBQ in NYC; I usually go to Dallas BBQ when I'm in the city.

Stefanie Noble

I've eaten at both the Syracuse and Harlem locations and the Syracuse one is better. Although, I find it easier to just buy their pulled pork (my favorite) at Wegs rather than fight the crowds.


I have to agree with Stefanie - Syracuse's Dinosaur beats the NYC location. The food was pretty much the same, but they can't beat the ambiance(if you can call it that!) that we have. The Harlem site felt more like a chain restaurant than a rockin' biker joint. That said, though, there is something about the crowds that I think makes the food taste better!


I know nothing about barbecue in the northeast (heck, they called HAMBURGERS barbecue in New Haven) but I went to college in Memphis and many moons ago Neeley's was the place to beat, at least for pulled pork.

I'm betting you all will get Rendevous. Great dry rubbed ribs, very Memphis. There are lots of good choices. I can't wait to hear! My mouth is watering.


Thanks everyone for the comments. It looks like we'll have to invite that NY Times food reporter up to the 'Cuse for the real thing. And Stef--I had no idea you could by anything other Dinosaur BBQ sauce at Wegmans--but pulled pork? I'm going to search that out.

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