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April 23, 2007



I think this is a reasonable goal. We don't always do it, but I use a menu thing called "saving dinner" and I plan for twenty dinners once a month for four people. I do the local and organic thing as much as is available to me, I prepare and freeze the dinners, and then just defrost and cook as schedule permits. It averages a little over fifteen dollars for a family of four for dinner, very acceptable, and that way fresh local stuff doesn't go to waste.

It's not all that gourmet, or extreme, but so far the little kids like it except for the fish--and we're working on that ;)

Jennifer BB

Anisa, this sounds great. You know it's like those new businesses cropping up where you pay $200 to make a week's worth of meals--but you probably do it for less and get better ingredients--very cool.

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