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May 09, 2007



And what are the wines in there? I see some re-corked and a bubbly :)

Travis hance

Jeniffer, I am SO GLAD to have given you some ramps. Let me know how else I can help. I attended a Zingerman's training two weeks ago, and Maggie from Zingerman's and I enjoyed dinner together as well as each other's company, both being passionate food lovers. Anywho, Maggie knows Nancy Radke, and told me I need to meet her. Being the shy young man that I am, I will be asking you (as well as Kathy Barry) to introduce me to Nancy. YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED!

Ed Bruske

As my wife never tires of pointing out, most fridge space is taken up with condiments that don't even need to be refrigerated. Ours included, until she found a drawer where she could stash half of them.


I love peeking at other peoples' fridge- thank you for sharing yours and feeding my voyeurism! Where did you score the ramps? Are there any local farms that have them out right now? Are we too far north for fiddlehead ferns?

Jennifer BB

Lenn, your eye sight is amazing! On the top shelf in back is a bottle of Hermann Wiemer Ice Wine (!) and in the door is just sparkling pear juice (an easy way to have bubbly with underage students).

Thanks Travis, no warning necessary--we'll get the two of you together soon.

Ed, please tell me which one of these condiments I don't need to refrigerate--I could use the door space!

Bazu, the ramps were foraged/harvested in the wild by Travis from the Co-op. There are some places near Tully where they run ramp(ant)--couldn't resist that one. I don't know about fiddlehead ferns--I'll ask though.


Jennifer - I think this is my first time posting - maybe my 2nd? I'm a big lurker on your blog. I was born in Syracuse, raised in Oswego, but by big foodie parents! Living up there was tough for them, believe me! Anyway - the part that drew me to comment tonight was the bottle of Dinosaur sauce in your fridge ;) I know we can buy it online, but we search and search for it in our stores out here (San Fran) - to no avail. My husband buys about 5 bottles each time we are back east.

(PS: Do you know Fr. Jim Lang? He was my priest growing up @ the Newman Center in Oswego ;))

I commend you for doing the Eat Local Challenge - for you it was a BIG challenge! We are going to be in the area in a few weeks - any suggestions on a nice, local-food restaurant (all the way to Ithaca ok) in the area? I'm not sure if you've visited any recently that are really sticking to the local/seasonal menu. By June that should be a little easier.

Thanks again for your entertaining, local blog. It's a real treat for me.

Jennifer BB

Hi Michelle welcome (back)! You know, I'd be willing to do an exchange--I'll get you some BBQ sauce, you bring back some Fatted Calf meats and a Robert Sinskey wine....

As for local, seasonal restaurants I have two recommendations. There is our beloved Circa in Cazenovia (no website yet) and they do local and seasonal All Year Round. The other place is Olivia's in Ithaca--near East Hill Plaza. They do have a website and have recently begun sourcing locally. I haven't been there yet but good friends rave about it. There are also several other places in Ithaca that can be recommended--email me if you want more info. Happy travels!


Store-bought barbecue sauce? Oh, for shame!

(Oh and a full fridge is more energy efficient than an empty one - they even suggest storing your flour and such in there if you have room).


If you store flour or other dry goods in the fridge, make sure they are in an air-tight container. Otherwise, they might absorb fridge odors like baking soda does. Also, make sure you don't pack the fridge or freezer so tight that air flow is restricted. My grandmother often packed her freezer too tight and every year, the repairman said she wouldn't have to call him if she didn't pack it so tight. LOL.

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