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May 17, 2007


Jill Hurst-Wahl

I that this summer we can find time to meet face-to-face and talk food.

Jill Hurst-Wahl

okay...that comment didn't get typed correctly! Let me try again.

I hope that this summer we can find time to meet face-to-face and talk food!


The Hawley-Green Bistro should be open this spring. You can check them out at I can't wait!

Stefanie Noble

Hmmm... I'm sad that the Bakehouse is moving as it was an ultra-convenient walk from my house, but I'm glad that it might be helping to get the Hotel Syracuse back on it's feet (and it's not like walking there from our house is that much farther!). I am glad to see that the bistro may be open for dinner hours as I always thought that the space would be a nice evening spot.


The Hawley Green Bistro will be awesome- their menu looks great already! And the owners are very nice.
Per the Kind Coffee Company- strong coffee, but strong attitude from the man behind the counter. (He does have a pretty cute dog in there!)

jen maiser

have an awesome vacation!

Jennifer BB

Hi Jill, I hope we can meet too--I'll be in touch about some things I'm cooking up.

Brenna, thanks for the tip on the Hawley-Green Bistro--it looks fantastic!

Stef--looks like you are going to be perfectly situated when the bistro opens.

Lindsay, I've heard that Kind Coffee can be a bit quirky but it was just fine when I went in--missed the dog, though.

Jen--thanks for the well wishes!


Oh.....when you said "brewing" I didn't know you meant coffee.... nevermind......:p


For anyone in or passing through Eastwood, I recommend trying the coffee at Cafe Kubal on James Street between Midler & Thompson, in the plaza with the True Value. They have their own roaster on site. The brewed coffee as well as the beans they sell are consistently fantastic.

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