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July 04, 2007



The Hawley-Green Bistro has postponed their opening until July 9, due to some slow equiptment arrival. But we're all waiting with baited breath!

Jennifer BB

Brenna, Thanks for the update!


Hi jennifer- since you're in Texas i thought I'd fill you in on the market.Stones Throw had some lovely beets which are being roasted for a salad, Ananda had beautiful greens, as usual. And the first basil of the season.Snap peas from both farms will be making their way into some risotto. Meg from wake robin is introducing a new maple yougurt. And she had raspberries, mmm. I'm thinking some sort of desserty thing tonight with the beautiful bottle of Framboise that I have from John Sistars vineyard down in Jamesville. Any ideas?
My cherry guy had his first of the season cherries, so we'll have a pie soon too.
On the way home we made a stop at Sugar Pearl- which is totally fun, and has great coffee. Anxiously waiting for the Bistro to open, they say Monday. Fingers are crossed!

Jennifer Walters

Welcome back, Jennifer! Keep up your wonderful work.


Lucky Moon closed?! Say it ain't so!

Ironically enough, I was just at Sugar Pearl this afternoon ... While I'm happy to have this great new addition to the Cuse, it's sad to lose one of my favs.

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