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August 11, 2007



to begin with i am loving the large bowl of heirloom tomatoes the sits on my kitchen counter. Even in their funky bumpy-ness, all shades of red and orange, peachy loveliness and the glorious green of zebras, I love these darlings of the garden.

So far we are eating them as is,( Who can pass the sun gold plants and not eat at least one?) or sliced on a piece of grilled bread that has been rubbed with newly harvested garlic, and a drizzle of golden olive oil. Also many simple salads of greens, tomatoes and abit of ewe's blue. I have plans for a panzanella on Monday, a fennel-y tomato soup later in the week.

Do you know if BC is doing that tomato dinner again this year. I'd like to try to a make it, especially after your review.

enjoy the day


We were lucky enough to visit Jennifer during tomato season, and got to eat her cherry tomatoes every day! They were better than candy - thanks for sharing Jen!

Jennifer BB

Hi Kathy, thanks for inspiring me--I've been eating some Ewe's Blue, tomatoes and Stones Throw farm baby lettuces all week! I haven't anything from bc about a tomato dinner this year but I do I'll post something.

Alison, it was so great to have you, Twyla and Terry here--glad you liked the tomatoes.


That is just fabulousness. I love Neruda, and I love tomatoes! Thank you.

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