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August 19, 2007



Hi Jennifer,
I love your idea of "eat local buddies"! I have, for quite some time now, been thinking that Syracuse needs an eat local group, one that helps disseminate information about the amazing local food resources (much of which you do so well here on your blog) and also takes the time to cook and share meals together and discuss the may great books and articles on local food, food politics, etc. Am I getting ahead of myself? I hope not because I know that there are more people out there who are just as excited and passionate about local food. I would love to be involved and to help out in any way!

I also completely agree with your observations the importance of and gratification gotten from knowing the people who create our food and farm community. In addition to the wonderful folks you mentioned, I would like to add Jamie and Maggie Edelstein of Wyllie Fox Farm They have been farming in Cato for a couple of years and in an attempt to start up their own CSA have been selling their gorgeous produce and flowers at Natur-Thyme on Saturday mornings. They are another great farming couple and are very passionate about what they do.


Yes! I loved that article. It's printed out and hilighted in my house right now.
Another great idea could be to make a salad for the office to share, mentioning the local produce involved and where you got it. I think a lot of people want to try to eat local, but don't know how to start or who to look to for inspiration.

I drink local (NYS) wine,
Albany, NY


What an interesting comparison. I love the joys and challenges of eating locally in CNY. This weekend, I'm hoping to go peach and blueberry picking. Hopefully I can keep from eating them all so I can freeze some for the colder months ahead!

Heather McCoy

My husband and I are moving to Syracuse next April as my husband makes a career change by attending ESF. We are committee chair people on a large group here in Kansas City called the KC Food Circle. I have been researching for the better part of two years your local food movement and am extremely interested in creating this sort of food circle model in Syracuse. It seems like there are so many willing members who just need to come together?

Jennifer BB

Heather, you're right, we need an eat local dinner group around here--it would be great fun. I wonder if it is possible to pull together a pot luck during the Eat Local Challenge month (Sept.) If you're interested in working on it drop me a note. Also--thanks for the tip on Wylie Fox Farm!

Kathleen, I love your idea too--imagine the impact of sharing local food in the workplace could have!

Bazu--how as the blueberry picking? Next time you get to the Co-op make sure you check out the Falafel Waffles that Funk and Waffles are selling there--they're vegan!

Heather--I can't wait for you to get here--I hope you'll keep blogging too. I like the Food Circle idea--maybe by the time you move here we'll have a little group in place.

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