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September 15, 2007



Welcome back! I've just begun a blog myself and I can appreciate how it's not always easy to keep it going as much as one would like when the "real world" interferes ...

You inspired me to go to the market yesterday morning (in the cold rain, you bet!) and stop by Sundance Farms' stand. I picked up a bunch of heirloom tomatoes and couldn't wait to get 'em home!

You've opened my eyes to all the wonderful food that is produced right here in and around central New York ... to the point where I'm considering bringing a folding shopping cart with me instead of my pair of bolga baskets. Locally produced milk, meats, cheeses, veggies and fruits and flowers and even doggie treats!

Just wanted to say thank you, and just post when you can!

Heather McCoy

Jennifer from your fan here in Kansas City I want to thank you for you blog. As my husband and I contemplated moving to Syracsue to go to ESF, being we are in our 30's we had to wonder if the town was for us. All of the information on your blog especially the restaurants helped us when we visited. If it weren't for you blog we would not have found out about how great a city Syracuse is.

Jennifer BB

Gina and Heather--thank you so much! Being part of such a wonderful virtual (soon to be real) community is part of what keeps me going.


Aw heck, if you feel guilty, check the length of time between postings on MY blog! :p


Hey, I have bneen having a hectic life too and not blogging as much -- and then today I just decided to go for it. Someone had recently mentioned your blog to me, so it sent me back to say hi again. In someways, seeing this post really helped. Virtual community is a good reminder of what is important to life.

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