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October 25, 2007


jen maiser

YAY! Exciting!

Emily Hollywood

thanks for the info! i was actually able to go. got some tomatoes, and apple fritters. yum! i hope they have it again. :)


The farmers' market was great! Got some beef and yogurt, plus some yummy fingerling potatoes. Thanks also for coming to the Working Mothers Affinity Group on Thursday.

Paul over at soupablog

great post; wish my part of TX had a more pervasive culture of sustainable local agri. i'm inspired to look deeper into my own community's efforts


The farmer's market was awesome! I really hope this becomes a regular occurrence on or near campus in the long turn. The turnout was so encouraging, not to mention the sellers were so informative and fun to talk to!


Thanks all, for your comments about the market--I'll be sure to pass them on to folks on campus--it would be so great if it were a regular part of our life up here.

Paul--thanks for stopping by! There is so much energy around sustainable food around the oountry that I'd bet things will begin to change where you are too.


I just picked up my flyer for the four Univ Community Harvest Farmers' Markets scheduled for summer/fall on the SU campus - whoo hoo! I am SO glad.

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