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January 30, 2008



I am stumped. Looks like a type of seed, though, maybe a bean?


Fresh cranberry beans...?? Whatever they are, they are beautiful!

I'm back to a more or less schedule of blogging and visiting blogs. Like you, I had a bit of a lag for the last month or so, but I really want to get back into the swing of things. Really sad about Hawley Green Bistro!

Syracuse Real Food Coop

My first instinct is that they are a rare, exotic pomegranate seed! I concur, bazu, they must be fresh cranberry beans. How beautiful!

When do we find out?

It ain't the seed in the apple, it's the apple in the seed...


I think I have to agree, cranberry beans they are!

(or borlotti beans, or saluggia, or shell beans, or salugia beans, or crab eye beans, or rosecoco beans, or Roman beans, or fagiolo romanos)

Pick a name, any name!

Go go Google Images!


They looks like "Lina Cisco's Bird Egg" beans to me, but I'm not sure. Pretty though.

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