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January 31, 2008



We'll it's not so much a place to pick up desert, bu they do have very good home made pies there by the slice (maybe they would make a whole one for you by special request)

Riley's has really nice deserts (mostly pies) the different ones available rotate/change daily (just like the rest of their menu)


Hint, hint indeed!! How does this sound for a sure-fire winner: I'll do breads and ask Maggie E. from Wyllie Fox Farm to help with cakes and other goodies. And we'll open up a cooperative bakery/cafe in the Jewish Veterans Home on the corner of Wetscott and E. Genesee. OK, so maybe this is just my pipe dream, but hey, a girl's gotta dream big!

Also, I looked more closely at the Grindstone Farm site and they don't have a link to the CSA, so I think it might be helpful just to have CSA-CNY's site listed under local CSAs. (We link to both GSF and Wyllie Fox from our site).



While we're waiting for the cooperative bakery to open up, you can try Biscotti's Cafe on Salina in Little Italy ( I've had a few of their baked goods including the tiramisu, and they are to DIE for.

Sally Big Woods

Dude, look at that beautiful cake! Could you share the recipe?

I know it's a tad far South from you, but the "Ithaca Bakery" has really great Easter Bread. And of course, Purity Ice Cream. But that's not the same as baked goods, I know.

Keep up the great blog. I wanted to reach through my screen and grab that piece of coconut cake! Yummy!


Okay. I've got a few for ya:

- On Hwy 33, Flo's Diner has AWESOME pie. AWESOME. Soooo delicious. Coconut cream pie is my favorite. Mmmm.

- In Rome, 'Spresso's on James St has unbelievably delicious cakes (and various other pastries that rotate). My favorite is the strawberry layer cake. To. Die. For.

- Also in Rome, the Franklin Hotel's dessert selection is fantastic. Regular or chocolate cannoli cake is unbelievable. And all of their italian sweets are great.


A cupcake place opened up in Camillus on West Genny across from WalMart. I haven't been there yet but want to stop by and give it a try!


Oh this is great! Keep them coming. I'm going to get to the cupcake place as soon as I can!

Stef Noble

Harrison's... especially for poppy seed rolls, good old-fashioned cupcakes and cookies and other pastries.

Ragonese Gelato. I much prefer them for gelato over Biscotti's. Their spoons don't slice your mouth open and the gelato is much creamier. Weird location, tasty gelato. (New Country Plaza, 5962 Route 31, Cicero)

There is somewhere that I'm forgetting... Hmmmmmm.


I know that many places in the Cazenovia area will to take out on their desserts. The Brewster Inn even has a counter where you can purchase the foods they use to prepare their meals. A local option is also Meyers Chocolates in Oneida. They make EVERYTHING in the store from scratch. It is the highest quality chocolate too.


Thanks for leaving me a comment, Jennifer! I look forward to seeing you. Thanks for the inspiration to start one!


If you ever decide to come to come as far as Rochester, I'd be happy to make some suggestions!


Good Bakeries:

Provisions in Armory Sq. has very reliable cookies and, now and then, some amazing things like the cranberry cheesecake in December. nice place for breakfast or lunch too.

Have not tried it yet, but there is a new bakery -- le petite gateau -- on main st. in Marcellus.

p.s. i live w/in walking distance of the patisserie. lucky me.


I'm a major league shill for Harrison Bakery on East Genesee Street; I don't go anywhere else!

Lazy Susan

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Purple Hippo (on the corner of rt. 298 and Taft Rd). It's awful that they are relatively close to my work, I CAN'T STOP GOING THERE. The best pies, cakes and lots and lots of chocolate goodies. Ooh, and the little italian cookies. I could go on...


Can I give an RIP for a dessert? Please say yes, :-) OK The chocolate mayonnaise cake at Whats Your Beef in Manlius. I was so sad that they closed last month. I will miss that cake.


Cathy's Corner Cafe was on West Genesee St. Now they are open at 731 James St. (in Syracuse) I hear they are under construction right now, and so are not up to full speed just yet. Awesome desserts made by Cathy.


We live by Utica and drive all the way to Mrs. Londons in Saratoga Springs for divine pastries and desserts. We bring all five kids with us too so that HAS to tell you that we love a good pastry.

Closer by is Florentines Cafe in New Hartford. I recommend their tiramisu and my husband loves their Italian cheesecakes. They make a mean latte too.

Love your blog, BTW. We've been thinking of doing a food blog in central NY for families with kiddos. Good food that is family friendly. Happy to say I've never brought my kids to sit underneath those golden arches.


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