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January 29, 2008


Sandy Estabrook

A similar shot can be found on the pages of may Abaco Guide, however I make it a policy to remove all overhead wiring in my Island Photos. - Sandy


Sandy,it is nice to discover your site. I have a policy of never retouching or altering my photos--hence the wires. What you see is what was there. I rather like them, they make my recall of the Bay Area even stronger.

Kate Day

Hi, Jennifer: It reminded me of San Francisco immediately. How wonderful to see where you are while we deal with freezing rain in the 'Cuse. Now I can picture you there, and better imagine the family gatherings you're enjoying. Post more photos, please! -- Kate


Hey Jennifer, thanks for posting that photo - looks wonderful! We're getting freezing rain and a high wind warning overnight, so it's great to look at such a lovely, calming image. Enjoy!! -Gina


Okay, y'all should know that I'm home in Syracuse--experiencing the same freaky winds and weather as you are. Sigh. Sorry that wasn't clear. I keep thinking that if I hold on to a Bahamian state of mind I'll actually feel warmer!

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