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May 25, 2008


Jesse Goodglass

Hey there!

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog and that your enthusiasm for good food in central NY is very exciting! I'm moving up there in about a month and can't wait to explore...

Thanks again.


Well, I was tasting on Seneca and Keuka lakes this weekend as well!! I would have been so excited to run into you...I actually thought about your blog everytime I saw a copy of edible finger lakes, and I saw it quite a few places!! I thoroughly enjoy your blog and all the great tips on buying fresh/local products. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and can't wait to hear about your tasting experience!


Hi I just found your blog recently, and I really have been enjoying reading your thoughts and experiences! I did want to make a slight correction, however. Pierre does not run Heidelberg Baking Company. Pierre sells the bread at local farmers markets. Boyd Bissell is the owner and runs the company. Thanks! Looking forward to more postings!

Jennifer BB

Hi Anonymous--thanks for the correction!


Hello Jennifer BB,
I appreciate how creative you are with your food/leftovers.
If you would indulge me in reading about confit, I would appreciate it.
Thank you.
...facts researched by Daniel Hammer
Foie gras (which sounds better in French than its English translation, “fat liver”) is made by forcing a male duck or goose to swallow up to a pound of warm corn, fat, salt and water two to three times a day for 12 to 30 days until the liver expands from about 3 ounces to around 1.5 pounds or more. The process involves pushing a feeding tube down a bird’s throat. With the aid of an electric motor or a pneumatic system, a pound of food can be pumped in to the bird’s stomach in only a few seconds.

The corn and fat mixture lacks choline, an essential amino acid. The nutrient-deficient diet destroys the birds’ metabolism, causing a debilitating metabolic disease known as hepatic lipidosis or hepatic steatosis — a condition in which the liver collects excessive fat.

Most fat liver is produced from Moulard ducks, resilient hybrids of Muscovy and Pekin ducks. All Moulards are produced by artificial insemination.

Only male birds are used in foie gras production. Female birds, whose livers reportedly contain too many veins to produce good foie gras, are either killed or sold for their flesh.

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