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June 06, 2008



Ok, wow. I will see if I can get the book -- and review it on my blog! Wow. As you know, perhaps, I teach religious studies -- and though I restrain myself from teaching about food and religion because I want some part of my life to be separate -- I would love to read this.


Congratulations! That sounds like a wonderful book and I look forward to reading it. Thanks for sharing the information.

Jennifer BB

Bibliochef--email me offline and I'll see that you get a review copy.

Terry--thanks for the kinds words. And thanks for commenting--I'll look forward to exploring your blog too.


Hm, a review copy, hey? Congrats, Jennifer, that is an INCREDIBLE accomplishment. If there are such copies to be had, for certain rookie bloggers to review, a certain someone would love and appreciate one as well. :D


Remember when I mentioned that a friend had said that you were kind of a big deal - ummm... yeah. You are! What a joy and blessing, I look forward to a great read.

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