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August 31, 2008



I found out about your blog through the Notebookism blog.

I see that you are a bicycliste, and that you would love to live in Portland, Oregon, because of the bike culture there. I had a friend who lived there for a few years--indeed, the biking culture there is great! I am a bicycliste, too. Absolutely love the activity. I live in San Francisco, and I pretty much ride, up and down the hills, year 'round. My reason for posting a comment is if you dream about living in Portland, this place will blow your mind, regarding bike culture...check out my favourite biking blog: Now, this is the place where I dream of living. (You will notice that no one wears a helmet; it is not necessary.)

Oh, by the way, you have a nice blog. Many of your food and eating principles I follow, too. Have you ever heard about ? Eating this way has improved my health dramatically.


Thanks for your comment, Jennifer! *bloghugs* Thanks for your post about boxcar, what a cool, local resource.


Thanks for the recognition for us at Boxcar Press! Debbie and I (the owners) read your blog regularly because we get very, very excited about the region's food. It's certainly worth celebrating! Thanks for the inspiration with your blog. And if you love paper, then I hope you'll pay a visit to our printshop sometime to see our old cast iron presses!

Jennifer BB

Hi Harold, as soon as the semester settles down I'll give a call about a tour--I'd love to see those old presses!

Redcatbiker--thanks for your comment. I love the Cyclechic site--thanks for the tip. And yes, I know all about Weston Price--reading his stuff made be go back to whole milk from skim. Great material there.

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