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September 15, 2008



My wife and I just moved into Syracuse this past spring, but have been reading your blog religiously since we've been here. Recently, we've been inspired by Eliot Coleman to experiment with fall and winter gardening. We'd both love to hear from you on this subject. Thanks!


I live in the area and like to hear about local farmers mkts, restaurants, and farms worth checking out. This blog has greatly increased my family's ability to buy and enjoy local food.

Many Thanks!


I love all the discoveries you make of restaurants and farmers markets and other sources of good local food. I went to Sparkietown after you blogged about it, and I'd love to read your thoughts on the new vegan restaurant, Strong Hearts Cafe. You inspired me to visit the Regional Market; I've lived here four years and had been MEANING to go but finally did go after you wrote about it. This area needs people like you to tell us what's good and where to find it (especially in the winter, when people tend to retreat indoors). And the businesses need the support to sustain themselves. Also I enjoy reading about how you integrate all the different parts of your life--work, play, spirit, etc. And, as a fellow Smithie (class of '87), I liked finding out that you were headed to your 20th reunion (which I did last year). Even with the infrequent posts, this blog is a pleasure and a service to people in CNY.


I love hearing about local food events, farmers markets, what's in season, gardening adventures...I basically love what you do!

You have mentioned in past posts that you'd post instructions on canning- I'd love things like that. I'm just starting to garden, and I need to learn how to preserve the food I grow so I can enjoy it all year! Any posts regarding this would be wonderful!


I enjoy your posts about the local restaurants, regional food happenings and places to purchase organic food. Recipes are always welcome too. I'm less interested when you veer into food as a political movement, even when I agree with you. Given that you don't have the time to post several times a day (who does?), my request is to stick to the former and forget about the latter.


I live in Chicago, but grew up near Syracuse and get home a couple of times a year. I've used your blog to find out what is going on locally in regards to restaurants, events and farmers markets, bought some meat for my father from Meadow Raised meats, and given my mother some of the info you've provided. Your blog makes me excited about what is going on back 'home', even if it is't home anymore.

I check in once or twice a month, so a posting every day isn't necessary, but once a week is always nice.

Keep up the good work.

Lin Kroeger

Great blog -- local is a good idea, and although it's ideal to buy and eat local, now, winter does arrive! We tend to buy wherever we are and we are often mobile due to my work schedule. So I cook fresh food bought wherever I am and freeze part of it to ensure we have good, flavorful food through the winter, rather than imported and expensive food. It helps me keep my family eating when I'm gone, too. I'm a great user of the freezer and for the last couple of years for winter, we use food we cooked and stored in the freezer and also lots of winter squash. Lots and lots of winter squash -- over 60 types a winter! So we balance local and fresh and "real" and try to stay with healthy, tasty, easy-to-prepare food. LinK

David Pratt

I don't like your blog. It makes me spend money in places that I wouldn't even have known about, were it not for you. In addition, it makes me feel even more guilty about neglecting my OWN blog.

Also, you don't post enough about beer.

;-) :-P


Well, I have only the following advice, since I am sort of in the same space with my own blog -- it started as a hobby that made me smile. And for a short while it became an obligation. I need to smile more -- and have a space of my own -- and that is what the blog was for. So, in my own case, I will be keeping it up as something though oddly public FOR ME -- different from my work, and etc. I will stop -- and change -- when it seems like an obligation and does not make me grow. So: I think what I think you should do is follow your heart and your vocation and take care of yourself. I admit that the phrase "decision 2008:" does make me think about politics -- and, to put it in religious terms, this is sort of about the social gospel versus individualism. I say -- why can't we have both?

I like your blog a lot. I hope to keep on reading it. I don;t care too much what you put on it, as long as it is for you too.

Jennifer BB

Thank you everyone for your helpful words--I'm taking it all to heart. I really appreciate your thoughtful comments--and thanks, David, for always making me laugh!


I just discovered your blog, and I must say it's wonderful -- photos, writing, layout, subject matter -- all of it! I think blogs like yours make excellent resources because not only do you tell us what and where you eat but also why. So, whether you post every day or once a year, and whether you write about restaurants or home cooking, it's all valuable because there's lots of food for thought in there.

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