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November 18, 2008



Lighting and counter space - those are two things I think are essential. My kitchen has some counter space that looks well lit... until I'm standing there trying to chop vegetables and I'm standing in the way of the light! The other thing I often long for is more counter space / work space. I can never get enough of it! Lighting can be cheap if you get it installed early enough. Counters can be expensive depending on the type you buy... Good luck!


we re did the kitchen from hell last year on a very tight budget. Its still not finished, but certainly livable . My essential item- the center island. Its great as a work space, serving spce, gathering space. I love being able to have friends and fam hang around that are. Its close to the stove, so the food keeps coming. Brian and I eat dinner there everynight and its much cosier than the dining table. When we have a crowd for a sit down dinner, we do apps around the island while finishing up cooking, then move to the dining table. The island becomes a serving station.

We've even had kitchen jams around the island. Check out out my myspace pix- you'll get the idea of how that space is like the heart, core ,altar of our home.

We did all the work so we could really work within our personal desires and financial abilities.
have fun!

Jill Hurst-Wahl

Jennifer, we just finished remodeling our kitchen. You should be able to see some public photos at

Musts -- counter space and good storage. The pantry cupboard is awesome!


i would suggest putting outlets in strategic places so that wires are trailing the length of the counter space.

if you don't have it now and would like to upgrade to the cadillac of vikings and two door subzero fridge and freezer (stuff that i drool over in the magazines) i would suggest that you design the kitchen with that in mind so that in a year or two you are not destroying everything you have labored to put in. in other words, let your space be flexible enough for any upgrade you have in mind.


Please note a mjor correctioon from my entry of november 20th.

I meant to write, "so that wires are NOT trailing the entire length of the counterspace." i forgot the moest important word. oh well....

HAPPY THANKSGIVNG ALL! i give thanks for this blog that keeps me sane. i give thanks for the new house. may blessings abound!

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